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Helping the community

Not only do we want to be more mindful of food waste in our own personal lives, but we also want to encourage others in our community to become more pro-active in a better appreciation of the foods that are provided for us by other fellow human beings who work in the food industry.

Fareshare and Tesco

Fareshare is an organisation that connects supermarkets with local initiatives, like ours.

They helped us to connect with Tesco Bury st Edmunds for produce that has gone past its best before date.

Every Monday evening we make a collection at the Tesco store of food items, which are then available to you on Tuesday morning in the shop.

We usually have a selection of fresh veg and fruit and bakery products in the shop as well as jars and packet food items, coffee, baby and toddler foods, even some pet food at times.

When you visit our shop we are happy to explain more about what steps you can take to get more our of your food items and food shopping, helping to reduce food waste.

By being mindful about food waste means:

  • less food will be going to landfill, benefiting the environment

  • you will be supporting the farmer / producer by not losing payment for their hard work

  • you will feel more confident in using food items to create your meals that have gone past the Best Before date

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